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“Victims To Problem Solvers” Competition

1. Background

We find in our community today facing numerous social and economic challenges that needs our urgent attention. What then can we do? Fold our arms and become the unfortunate victims? Or engage the youth to solve our community problems? Instead of being Victims, why not be Problem Solvers?

To this end, LearnOn ICT Nigeria Limited an Information Technology training and services company in partnership with ShuraForAll a nonprofit organization is proud to introduce a Corporate Social Responsibility programme that is closer to the heart of society, through competition and award.

The aim of the competition is to motivate our youth to actively participate in resolving social problems in their communities. Participants will identify an issue or problem in their community that requires teamwork to solve. They will then work in groups and employ a consultative-based approach to find and implement a solution to the problem.

Through this competition, we seek to develop an effective approach of engaging our youth in community development activities without regards to their formal skills and qualifications. Hence, it is with our great pleasure that we wish to invite you to participate in this noble programme.


2. What we plan to achieve

We want to stimulate interest in youth to actively participate in finding solution to social problems facing their communities. We also want to give them access to tools and other valuable resources that will build the broad community capability to solve its own problems in consultation with others. Lastly, we want to provide them with skills that enable them to scale and sustain their efforts.

Specifically, the competition objectives are

  • Identify and build the capacities of individuals and communities to solve social problems;
  • Demonstrate to the larger society that various stakeholders have something valuable to contribute to the problem solving process; and
  • Demonstrate and co-ordinate the inclusion and participation of various stakeholders in problem solving that will lead to more effective solutions
  • Provide resources, tools and support for creating, implementing, evaluating and publicizing model solutions for societal problems


3. How It Works

The individual

As an individual you can register for the competition via this link. Once you have appropriately filled and submitted the form, we will communicate with you through your phone number. We will invite you to our interview and enrollment activities by sending you text messages.

The team

We will analyze your talents and bring you together with peers such that you can complement each other’s strengths. Each team will work together to identify a specific social problem in the community that needs to be resolved.

Using our ICT-based ShuraForAll tool, each team will define and document the problem, and then engage in broad consultations with community members and other stakeholders in the Discussion phase in order to thoroughly understand the problem and offer recommended courses of action as a solution to the problem in the Decide phase.

Finally, the big challenge is where each team must physically implement the proposed solution in the Deliver phase in order to validate the recommendations and also ascertain a measurable positive impact made in the community.

The Mentors

Our experienced mentors will be with you all along the way to counsel and guide you to success in making a positive impact in your community. They will support you through the phases of community problem identification, fact finding with stakeholders and execution while keeping an eye on the competition objectives in order to raise the chances for your team of winning the competition. We advise you to make the best use of the opportunity of working with your mentors.

The RoundUp

Our adroit judges will evaluate and score each team’s performance against the weighted objectives for the competition. There will be two winning teams from this competition. Each winning team will receive an undisclosed award and further support to continue with its good work. The competition will be widely publicized through our website and social media channels. A video documentary will be made of the winning team’s achievements.


4. How The Competition Will Help You

While we look forward to providing an exciting and rewarding experience for you during the competition perhaps your biggest take-away are the diverse interpersonal and leadership skills that you will acquire.

Some of the personal benefits you will get from the competition are enumerated below:

  • Help you to develop your own critical thinking and problem solving abilities
  • Encourage reflection, deep thinking and constructive analysis of facts
  • Enhance your social and emotional learning capabilities
  • Facilitate your positive attitude and growth mindset
  • Develop your persistence, resiliency, and grit traits
  • Increase your self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness
  • Improve your risk analysis skills


5. Competition Scoring & Evaluation Criteria

We evaluate each team by estimating the social impact that it has created. Although there are many different ways to see the positive change that results from well thought out efforts, we have chosen to pay close attention to what teams do to

  • Get broad participation by stakeholders (Discuss phase);
  • Motivate participants to select their desired course of action (Decide phase); and
  • Obtain the commitment from the participants to carry out action steps (Deliver phase)


6. How To Register

If you are ready to get started, click this link to go to the registration page


7. FAQ

Who is eligible to register for the competition

  • How can I register
  • When will the registration close
  • How long will the competition take
  • How does the competition work
  • What is the aim and objectives of the competition
  • How can I make further inquiries regarding the competition
  • How will the winners be determined


8. Contact

If you have any questions you can contact us via the phone numbers 09077669396, 08098704941 and emails competition@learnonict.com or scholarship@shuraforall.org You can also send a message to us directly by filling the form below


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